Nepal's festive calendar is hectic. Dasain, celebrated nationwide in October, is the most important of all Nepalese celebrations and features the biggest animal sacrifice of the year. Running a close second is Tihar (November), but unlike Dasain, animals are honoured rather than slaughtered. Other festivals celebrated nationally include the water-tinged Holi (March) and Chaitra Dasain (April), which is yet another bad day for animals. Hindu festivals include the Haribodhini Ekadashi (November) and Maha Shivaratri (March), both celebrated in Pashupatinath, the Gai Jatra (August) in Kathmandu and the Krishna Jayanti (August/September) in Patan. Buddhist celebrations are just as thick on the ground, and include Mani Rimdu (November) in Solu Khumbu, Buddha Jayanti (May) in Kathmandu, and Losar (Tibetan New Year) (February) in Swayambhunath, Jawalakhel and highland communities.

Festivals Of Kathmandu
Maghe Sankranti (Jan - Feb)
Shivaratri / Maha Shivaratri (Feb - March)
Fagu Purnima / Holi (Feb - March)
Sweta Machhendranath Snan (Jan.)
Ghode Jatra (Festival of Horses, March - April)
Chaite Dashain (April)
Bisket Jatra (April - May)
Buddha Jayanti (April - May)
Red Machhendranath Rath Jatra (April - May)
Gunla Festival Nepal (July-Aug)
Janai Purnima & Raksha Bandhan (July - Aug)
Nag Panchami (Aug)
Gai Jatra (Aug-Sep)
Krishna Janmastami (Aug-Sep)
Indra Jatra (Sept - Oct)
Dashain (Vijaya Dashami, Sept - Oct)
Tihar (Oct – Nov)

Festivals of Himalayas

Tiji (Lama Dance)Mustang – Lo ManthangMay
Mitha (Archery)ManangMay
Dumchi (Lama Dance)Solukhumbu – KhumJuingJune
Dumchi (Lama Dance)Solukhumbu – PangbocheJune
Dumchi (Lama Dance)Solukhumbu – ThameJune
DokchuDolpo - PotrapJune
Yartung (Horse Riding)ManangJuly
Yartung (Horse Riding)MuktinathJuly
NekorDolpo – Shey GompaAugust
Mani Rimdu (Lama Dance)Solukhumbu – TangbocheOct
Mani Rimdu (Lama Dance)Solukhumbu – ChiwangOct
Tsechu - ChamSolukhumbu - JalsaGompaNov

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