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Established in 1988, Mandala Trekking is first and foremost more than 20 guides speaking english & french, with their teams of sherpas, cooks and helpers, trained by the company and specialized in the culture, the trekking or the expeditions in Nepal, Tibet, India. These men and women who spend most of the year outdoors will be the architects of the success of your trip: they will share with you their passion for the Himalayas.

Trekking In Nepal

trekking in nepal

Nepal covers an area of 147,181 square kilometers, stretching 145-241 kilometers north to south and 850 kilometers west to east. The country is located between India to the south and China to the north. Nepal can be divided into three regions based on


tour in Tibet

All summiteers were surprised by the difficulty of the eastern submittal ridge, quite exposed. Delicate steps, especially just below the summit, perilous insurance on the way down, scary rappelling on 6 mm used ropes. At the time of sending this mail, Russian and US

Tibet Tour


Locked away in its Himalayan fortress, Tibet has long exercised a 'Shangri-la' type hold on the imagination of the West. A 'Land of Snows', the 'Rooftop of the World' is mysterious in a way that few other places are. Tibet is comprised

Jungle Safari

Camping Trek

Nepal offers such contrasts that you pass in a few kilometers of the highest tops of the world to north to the luxuriant jungle of the plain of Terai in the south. It is there that open out a flora and a fauna protected in the national park of chitwan.

Shamanism Tour

Canyoning in Nepal

"Shaman" means a generalized or undifferentiated religious practitioner, one who combines general contact with the supernatural realm and application of this contact, particularly in curing. Such a practitioner is generally associated with those