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Trekking In Nepal

Nepal covers an area of 147,181 square kilometers, stretching 145-241 kilometers north to south and 850 kilometers west to east. The country is located between India to the south and China to the north. Nepal can be divided into three regions based on topography, culture, and religion: the Himalaya to the north, the foothills consisting of the Mahabharat range and the Churia Hills, and the flat Terai to the south. The highest point is Mt. Everest (8848 m) in the north and the lowest point (70 meters above sea level) is located at Kechana Kalan of Jhapa District in the Terai. Temperatures vary from less than -40 degrees Celsius in the Himalaya to 40 degrees Celsius in the Terai summer. During June, July and August, Most of Nepal is inundated with the Asian Monsoon, which drops hundreds of inches on rain in a few months!

The most popular trekking routes have traditionally been the Everest, Annapurna and Langtang regions. But now the Kanchenjungha in the extreme east and Dolpo in northwest Nepal are gaining ground as new popular destinations. More recently, the government has developed a number of heritage trails in different parts of the country where you can combine a trek with a peek into the cultures of the local communities. And for those with the time and the stamina, there is The Great Himalayan Trail that stretches 1,700 km from Kanchenjungha in the east to Humla in the west – a trek that will take months to accomplish.

All trekkers are required to obtain the TIMS card before embarking on their trip. To trek in protected areas region one must acquire the entry permit by paying Entry Fees to enter the particular National Park or Protected Area. To get access to the areas restricted by the Government of Nepal, one must acquire the Trekking Permit to the area.

Annapurna Sanctuary

Trekking Info : 11 Days Kathmandu to Kathmandu

DayDestination Programme
1Road between Kathmandu/Pokhara :Dhampus Phedi (5/6hrs)
2Phedi / Luwang pass (5 hrs -1950 m)
3Luwang Pass/Chinuwa Danda (6 hrs - 1500 m)
4Chinuwa Danda/Zinuwa (5 hrs - 2200 m).
5Zinuwa/Deurali (6 hrs - 3000 m)
6Deurali Machapuchare Base Camp (3 hrs - 3900 m)
7Climb to Annapurna Sanctuary (1:30 hrs - 4200 m)
8Doban/Chumrung (1970 m)
9Chumrung/Gandrung. (5 hrs - 1950 m)
10Gandrung/Pokhara Descent to Birethanti (4 hrs - 1100 m) Night at hotel near Phewatal Lake.
11Pokhara/Kathmandu by air (35 min)descent

Annapurna Tour

Importance10th highest Mountain in the World
Best Trek SeasonApril To October
Trek Info13 days Kathmandu to Kathmandu

The annapurna range situated in central Nepal has one of the most dominating Himalayan panorama. Placed just north of Pokhara the range from west to east consists of Annapurna South Face (7,219m), Gang (7,647m), Gangapurna (7,455m), Annapurna III (7,555m), Annapurna IV (7,525m) and Annapurna II (7,925m).
Anapurna is an enormous Himalayan massif and the tenth highest mountain in the world. In 1950, it became the first 8,000 meter mountain to be successfully climbed. Located to the east of a great gorge that cuts through the Himalayas by the Kali Gandaki river, this mountain range has glaciers on its western and northwestern slopes, which drain into this gorge.

Annapurna is a Sanskrit name that means "Goddess of the Harvests" or "The Provider". Of Annapurna's many high peaks, five are labeled using some variation of the name Annapurna. Of these, the two highest (Annapurna I and II), stand like bookends at the western and eastern ends of the massif.

DayDestination Programme
1Kathmandu/Bensi Shahar/Khudi in bus. (6hrs-650 m).
2Khudi/Bahundanda. Lodge (6hrs-1550 m).
3Bahundanda /Tal (5hrs30-1700 m).
4Tal/ Latomarag (6hrs-2500 m).
5Latomarang/Bratang. (6hrs-2700m).
6Bratang/Humre. (5 hrs-3100m).
7Humre/Manang (3hrs-3650 m).
8Manang : acclimation of altitude.
9Manang/Phedi. (6hrs-4400m)
10Phedi/Muktinath. Ascent all along the moraine and ridge upto pass and descent towards Muktinath.
12Jomsom/Pokhara by air. Night & Dinner at hotel.
13Bus Pokhara/Kathmandu (6hrs)

Annapurna Tour 2 Details

Importance10th highest Mountain in the World
Best Trek SeasonApril To October
Trek Info18 days Kathmandu to Kathmandu

DayDestination Programme
1Kathmandu/Bensi Shahar/Bhulbhule (6hrs-850 m).
2Bhulbhule /Jagat (6 hrs -1400 m).
3Jagat/Dharapani (6hrs-2000 m).
4Dharapani/Chame. (6hrs-2700m).
5Chame/Pisang. (5 hrs-3100m).
6Pisang/Nawal. (5hrs-3650m)
7Namal/Manang (3hrs-3650 m).
8Manang : acclimation of altitude
10Phedi/ col 5400m/ Muktinath..(8hrs-3700m)
12Kagbeni/Marpha. (4hrs-2800 m).
13Marpha/Lette. Night at Lette (6hrs-1950 m).
14Lette/Tatopani. (6hrs-1200 m).
15Tatopani/Gorepani. Ascent upto Gorepani (6hrs-2850 m).
17Gandruk/Birethati 4 hrs of walking and then way towards Pokhara.
18Tourist bus Pokhara/Kathmandu 6hrs.

Bigu Gompa Trekking

Trek Info :18 days Kathmandu to Kathmandu

DayDestination Programme
1Kathmandu/Bensi Shahar/Bhulbhule (6hrs-850 m).
2Bhulbhule /Jagat (6 hrs -1400 m).
3Jagat/Dharapani (6hrs-2000 m).
4Dharapani/Chame. (6hrs-2700m).
5Chame/Pisang. (5 hrs-3100m).
6Pisang/Nawal. (5hrs-3650m)
7Namal/Manang (3hrs-3650 m).
8Manang : acclimation of altitude
10Phedi/ col 5400m/ Muktinath..(8hrs-3700m)

Ghorepani Trekking (Annapurna Balcony)

Trek Info :10 days Kathmandu to Kathmandu

DayDestination Programme
1Bus or Flight :Kathmandu/Bhumdi (2hrs-1700 m)
2Trek Bhumdi/Panchase (4hrs-2000 m)
3Panchase/Tihar (6hrs-1100 m)
4Tihar/Dobato (5hrs-2300 m)
5Dobato/Jaljala (5hrs-2800 m)
6Jaljala/Poon hill/Gorepani (4hrs-2870 m)
7Gorepani/Gandruk (6hrs-1950 m)
8Gandruk/Landruk/Potana (6hrs-1700 m)
9Potana/Pokhara (2hrs-900m)
10Bus or Flight :Pokhara/Kathmandu

Gokyo-Kalapatthar Trekking

Trek Info :16 days Kathmandu to Kathmandu

DayDestination Programme
1Kathmandu/Lukla/Ghat (2hrs-2500m)
2Namche (5hrs-3446m)
3Acclimation day of altitude
4Phortse Khola (5hrs-3600M)
5Phortse Khola /NA (4hrs-4300m)
6NA /Gokyo lake (4hrs-4750m)
7Gokyo lake /Gokyo ri and return.(3hrs)
8Gokyo /Chola (6hrs-5000m)
9Chola /Dzongla (6hrs-4700m)
10Dzongla /Lobuche (5hrs-4900m)
11Kalapathar/Lobuche (6hrs-5545m)
12Lobuche /Chukung (6hrs-4500m)
13Chukung /Panboche. (6hrs-4000m)
14Panboche /Namche: (5hrs-3446m)
15Namche /Lukla: (6hrs-2700m)
16Lukla/Kathmandu by morning flight

Gorkha-Ganesh Himal Trek

Trek Info :12 days Kathmandu/Kathmandu
Tucked away in the Himalaya north-northwest of Kathmandu, Ganesh Himal (7406 meters, 24296 feet) is one of the last untapped mountain trekking paradises. In Nepal there is a saying,"the place where the lamp stands will always be dark". Only its proximity to Kathmandu coupled with the lack of road access can explain why so few tourists have yet to discover its stunning mountain vistas, snow covered peaks, and pristine forests. 'Old growth' forests of fir and rhododendron and lowland jungle of oak, rhododendron, bamboo, and pine, where the rare Red Panda, Himalayan Tahr, and wild yaks make their homes, balance the austerity of high mountain glaciers and alpine meadows. This landscape is the backdrop for an unparalleled trek into the heart of an unspoiled region, through traditional villages and terraced slopes of barley, wheat, mustard, and rice, and over the infamous Singla Pass (4000m, 13126ft). Late March through April departures coincide with the rhododendron bloom, transforming the mountain slopes into lush green carpets with splashes of red, white, yellow and purple. The Gorkha township is the Headquarters of the district of the same name Gorkha is the birthplace of king Prithvi Narayan Shah, the Great, the founder of modern Nepal, hence it is the ancestral home of the Shah. Kings of Nepal. Situated on a hill overlooking the snowy peaks of the Himalayas, there is said to have been built by King Ram Shah, King Prithvi Narayan Shah began his campaign to unity the Kingdom from this palaces of Gorkha. There are two attractive temples of Gorakhnath and Kali inside the palace precinct Gorkha Durbar is certaily one of the most outstanding examples of Nepalese architecture. Only Hindus are allowed inside the temple of Gorakhnath , where from the town derives its name The World famous Gurkha Soldiers hail from this place. Gorkha cab be reached in about four hours from Kathmandu and in about two hours from Pokhara. Regular buses for Gorkha leave at 7 AM every morning from the center Bus Terminal. A side trip to manakamana either from Gorkha or from Kahireni of Prithvi Highway is very enjoyable and interesting.

DayDestination Programme
1Departure: morning bus,Kathmandu-Gorkha (5hrs)
2Gangate/Darundi Khola (6hrs-1000m)
3Darundi/Barpak (6hrs-2100m)
4Barpak/Laprak (6hrs-2200m)
5Laprak/Machha Khola (5hrs-1100m)
6Machha khola/Kashi Gaon (6hrs-2100m)
7Kashi Gaon/jungle camp (6hrs-3100m)
8Jungle camp/Burang (5.30hrs-2000m)
9Burang/Birchet (6hrs-1800m)
10Birchet/Khirtang (6hrs-1500m)
11Khirtang/Trisuli (6hrs-660m)
12Trisuli/Kathmandu (5hrs) By Road

Helambu Trek

Trek Info :7 days Kathmandu/Kathmandu
Helambu lies to the north of Kathmandu and offers the nearest experience of Sherpa culture without having to go to the Everest region. The Sherpa village of Tarke Ghyang that forms the focus of Helambu is a charming enclave of farmers and yak herders. The trip starts with a scenic drive from Kathmandu to Sundarijal. Helambu provides an instant Himalayan trek for those with limited time. This trek is an easy and enjoyable trip onducted at the average altitude of 3500m. The trek takes you through Thadepati to Tarke Gyang, where a choice of trails opens up. However we go along the south ridge through Sermanthang, down to the river at Melamchi, the site of a mega project to bring drinking water to Kathmandu via a series of tunnels. The trek concludes with a drive down to Kathmandu via Panchkhal.

DayDestination Programme
1By road upto Sundarijal.Starting point of trek at Chisapani.(4h-2200m)
2Chisapani/Gol bhyanjyang (5hrs-2142m)
3Gol/Mongekot (5hrs-3285m)
4Mongokot/Melamche Gaun (5hrs-2530m)
5Melamche gaun/Tarkeghyang/Kangyul (5hrs-2743m)
6KangyulShermathang/Kakani (5hrs-2600m)
72 hrs trek upto Melamche bridge then back to Kathmandu by bus

Langtang-Gosaikunda-Helambu Trek

Trek Info :13 days Kathmandu/Kathmandu

DayDestination Programme
1Kathmandu/Syabru bensi by road. (8hrs-1700m)
2Starting point of trek : Syabru Bensi/Lama Hotel (6hrs-2500m)
3Lama Hotel/Langtang Village (5hrs-3541m)
4 Langtang Village/Kyanjin Gompa (2hrs-3800m)
5 Kyanjin/Ghora Tabela (6hrs3000m)
6Ghora Tabela/Syabru Village (6hrs-2500m)
7Syabru Village/Sing Gompa (5hrs-3250m)
8Sing Gompa/Gosaikunda (5hrs-4300m)
9Gosaikunda/Col de 4600m/Gopte (6hrs-3700m)
10Gopte/Melamche village (5hrs-2700m)
11Melamche/Kangyul (6hrs-2500m)
12Kangyul/Kakani (6hrs-1800m)
13Kakani/Melamche bridge 2hrs walk then bus to Kathmandu 4/5hrs

Grand Manaslu Trek

Trek Info :19 days Kathmandu/Kathmandu

DayDestination Programme
1Kathmandu/Gorkha by road(5 hrs)and then trek upto Bhoteni 500m
2Bhoteni/Dhodeni (900 m - 7 hrs)
3Dhodeni/Barpak (1800 m - 6 hrs)
4Barpak/Laprak (2200 m - 5 hrs)
5Laprak/Khorla Bensi (1200 m - 6 hrs)
6Khorla Bensi/Jagat (1350 m - 5 hrs 30min)
7Jagat/Gnyak (1900 m - 5 hrs 30min
8Gnyak /Ghopa (2600 m - 5 hrs)
9Ghopa/Lo goun (3100 m - 5 hrs)
10Lo goun/Sama Village (3750 m - 5 hrs 30min)
11Rest day at Sama
12Sama Village/Hongsombo (3500 m - 5 hrs)
13Hongsombo / Samdo (4000m -5hrs)
14Samdo/ Yak Kharka (4500m -5hrs)
15Yak Kharka/Bhimtang via Larkey pass (5213 m) camp 3800m
16Bhimtang/Tiliche Village (2300 m - 6 hrs)
17Tiliche Village/Dharapani (2000 m - 5 hrs)
18Dharapani/Bahundanda (1400m-6hrs)
19Bahundanda/Benshishar/K.T.M by road (900 m - 6 hrs)

Annapurna Sanctuary & Ghorepani Trek

Trek Info :12 days Kathmandu/Kathmandu

DayDestination Programme
1By road Kathmandu/Pokhara/Kare. Starting point of trek (1h 15) up to Pothana.
2Pothana/Chinuwa Danda (6 hrs - 1500 m).
3Chinuwa Danda/Sinuwa (5 hrs - 2200 m).
4Sinuwa/Deurali (6 hrs - 3400 m).
5Deurali/ Machapuchare base camp (3 hrs - 3900 m).
6Climb to Annapurna Sanctuary (1:30 h - 4200 m), then descent towards Doban (4 hrs).
7Doban/Chumrung (1970 m).
8Chumrung/Tadapani(5 hrs - 2600 m).
9Tadapani/Ghorepani (5 hrs - 2850 m)
10Ghorepani/Gandruk (6 hrs - 1951 m)
11Gandruk/Birethanti (3 hrs - 1100 m) then by bus to Pokhara.
12Pokhara/Kathmandu 6(hrs) by road

Mustang Gate Trek

Trek Info :11days Kathmandu/Kathmandu
A kingdom within a kingdom. The previously forbidden kingdom of Mustang lies on the leeward side of Himalayan range, jutting out into the Tibetian highland plateau, to the north of Pokhara and Jomsom. This isolated arid region has remained untouched for centuries. The capital is Lo-Monthang (which in Tibetan means "plain of aspiration"). In the Land of Lo life goes on as it has for centuries. The culture of Mustang is distinctly Tibetan. With numerous Gompas (monasteries) and omnipresent prayer flags performing their eternal ritual, a trip into Mustang is bound to be one of self-realization, inspired by the ancient Buddhist cultures. This area can be trekked all year round regardless of season. August is perhaps the mildest month of all for Mustang. However, there is usually 30cm to 40cm of snow in winter. This, of course, adds challenge to the adventure. Visiting Mustang involves a reasonable bit of trekking, starting with a flight from Kathmandu to Jomsom via Pokhara. This trek is for those in reasonable good physical condition. People who wish to include the Annapurna region in their trek into Mustang can start their trek from Pokhara to Jomsom or the south passes along the bank of the Kaligandaki river towards Kagbeni. On the route, the trail crosses the villages of Tangbe, Samar, Geling and reach Tsarang that is considered as one of the most interesting palce of the trip. In ancient (about 800yrs old) Tsarang, a set of human hands remain, said to belong to the site's master builder. According to the legends, the king cut the builder's hands off to prevent them from constructing another master piece to rival it. The walled capital, Lo-Monthang (situated at 12, 400 feet) is dominated by old Buddhist monasteries. On the return journey, visit Muktinath, one of the holiest temples for Hindus. From there trek to Jomsom from where fly to Pokhara on the way back to Kathmandu.

DayDestination Programme
1Transfer in bus: Ktm - Pokhara
2Flight: Pokhara - Jomsom, Trek - Kagbeni (2hrs-3000m)
3Trek - Muktinath (4hrs-3700m)
4Trek - Marpha (6hrs-2700m)
5Trek - Kalopani (6hrs-2100m)
6Trek - Tatopani (6hrs-1300m)
7Trek - Ghorepani (7hrs-2850m)
8Trek - Gandruk (6hrs-1950m)
9Trek – Potana (6hrs-1700m)
10Phedi – Pokhara (2hrs-900m)
11Bus or Flight Pokhara/Kathmandu

Upper Mustang Trek

Trek Info :14 days Kathmandu/Kathmandu

DayDestination Programme
1Bus or flight to Pokhara. Afternoon : Free time
2Matin,vol Pokhara/Jomsom.Début du trek jusqu'à Kagbeni (2h). Camp
3Kagbeni/Chuksang (6 hrs - 3050 m)
4Chuksang/Samar (6 hrs - 3400 m)
5Samar/Gheling (6 hrs - 3500 m)
6Gheling/Tsarang (6 hrs - 3500 m)
7Tsarang/Lo Manthang (5 hrs - 3700 m)
8,9Two days for roaming around the valley of Lo Manthang.
10Lo Manthang/Dhakmar (6 hrs - 3620 m)
11Dhakmar/Shyangmoche (6 hrs - 3820 m)
12Shyangmoche/Tangbe (6 hrs - 3020 m)
13Tangbe/Jomsom (6 hrs)
14Flight Jomsom/Pokhara/Pokhara/Kathmandu